Session Down : on what side?

Recently, one of our agent session was down.

I would’ve love to see what side was down. I didn’t know what agent was down since it said both.

In the App, we have two types of status, the Session and the Agent. When you look at the Chord Diagram (the circle graph on the Home page), the session status is the color of the line between the two agents. The agent color is the status of the agent itself (no matter in the sessions are up, down or degraded).

If one Agent is down, the sessions will go dark red, same thing for the agent that is down. You should see the second agent green…

FYI, we consider an agent being down if the agent is not connected to our cloud.

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I didn’t even think to check but why would the agents be up but the session down?

Well, the connectivity between the two agents might be broken but the agents could be still up. And the opposite could also be true. If an agent has trouble connecting to our cloud, it will be reported down but the sessions could still be up… That being said, the network issues in the App and the email notifications are only related to the sessions being up/down/degraded.

As you can see, since the solution is fully distributed, it is easy to monitor route blackholing or routing issues between sites/agents.

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