Chord Diagram Related Agents Filter

Today, we released version 2.10.0 of the App (Web is online, Mobile will be in a few days). With this new release, we introduce the Chord Diagram Related Agents filter.

In the Chord Diagram filter, when filtering on Agents, only those agents are displayed in the diagram. This is great to create a view of only some agents (for example the sessions between core/datacenter/HQ/cloud agents).

With this new release, it’s possible to display Related Agents to the agents listed in the filter. The best way to show the difference is to select only two agents. The previous “without related agents” option, only the two agents are shown with a single session between them. When selecting the Related Agents option, all the session of the selected agents are shown with the Related Agents (i.e. the agents that has a session with the selected agent).

This feature is really useful for the new Chord Diagram Widget we are working on for the dashboards. It’s not public yet but we are looking for customers to get feedback on that new widget. If you want to add chord diagrams to your dashboard, let me know by email (jf at

The documentation is available at: Chord Diagram Filters | Obkio Docs