Public Agent : Twilio

I would love to see a public agent at Twilio. A LOT of people use Twilio.

Also, Twilio is worldwide.

Which Twilio Regions would be the most interesting for you?

The us1 would be the first one I’d say.

Twilio is using AWS Datacenters for their infrastructure. As you can see on Twilio Client Regions, they list all the IP addresses they are using to face the customers and they all belong to AWS. If you want to confirm which AWS Region is used, you can take a look at the AWS IP Address Ranges.

For example, if we take a look at the Twilio Region us-1, the IP addresses are assigned to the AWS us-east-1 region.

So if you want to monitor Twilio Network Performance, you can use the Obkio Public Agents at AWS. We currently have one in us-east-1 (US East - Virginia).

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