Raspberry Pi 6.1 Kernel Agent Installation Issue

Some more recent versions of the 32-bit Raspberry Pi OS (6.1.X) have started using a 64-bit kernel architecture by default, which can be problematic when installing an Obkio agent. This issue is described in more detail here. When downloading and installing the Obkio agent, we check the architecture to determine which version to install. This results in having a 64-bit compatible agent attempting to run on a 32-bit OS and the installation fails. There’s a couple of solutions to get around this problem.

Install 64-bit Version of OS

The first option is to reinstall the 64-bit version OS. This option might not be ideal if the device is used for other applications as well.

Modify Config

If reinstalling the OS is not an option, there’s a few steps that can be taken to solve the issue:

  • Open the file /boot/config.txt, add the line arm_64bit=0, and save the file. This forces the use of a 32-bit kernel, which will allow the download of the correct agent version.
  • Reboot the device.

After the device has been successfully rebooted:

  • If an installation attempt for the Obkio agent was already made, it needs to be uninstalled. Run /opt/obkio/uninstall.sh. You might get an error here, it should be ok. You can validate that it ran properly by doing an ls -al /opt and confirming that the obkio folder is no longer there.
  • Navigate to the agent you want to install in the Obkio app, click on the three button menu on the top right corner, then press Clear Installation Secrets.
  • Run the command to install the agent again (curl -sSL https://install.obkio.com | AGENT_ID=<YOUR_AGENT_ID> bash)

If neither of these options solve the issue, don’t hesitate to communicate with us at support@obkio.com.