Jan. 25, 2023: Microsoft Teams / Microsoft Azure Outage

Today, Jan. 25, 2023: Microsoft Teams reported unstable performance since 2:00 EST this morning. And we caught it all using Obkio’s Network Monitoring app!

In the APM test screenshot from Obkio’s app, Obkio was able to catch APM timeouts on https://teams.microsoft.com from the Monitoring Agents, recorded at the same time that the Microsoft Teams issue was first reported.

According to Microsoft’s status updates, this was a network problem on Azure: https://twitter.com/MSFT365Status

A change made to the Microsoft Wide Area Network (WAN) impacted connectivity between clients on the internet to Azure, connectivity between services within regions, as well as ExpressRoute connections.

UC apps like Microsoft Teams are very sensitive to network issues, so you need to be ready next time they pop up. Obkio will notify you as soon as network issues arise - and when your apps are being affected :wink: