WEBINAR: How to Locate and Troubleshoot Live Network Issues with Obkio

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Nowadays, networks are more and more complex than ever. Users work from everywhere, the applications they consume are distributed in the cloud, and the network flows between users and applications are increasingly numerous and decentralized.

Intermittent network issues can come from anywhere, and can cause choppy VoIP Quality, jerky video calls, and network and application slowness issues. These issues can affect your business in drastic ways and can be very difficult to solve.

That is why it’s important to know how to identify and troubleshoot network issues as quickly as possible.

Join us to learn how to quickly and easily find and fix live network issues with Obkio’s Network Monitoring SaaS solution. With continuous, end-to-end, and real-time performance monitoring, learn how to collect the data you need to troubleshoot network problems before they affect end-users.

In this interactive 45 minute webinar, you will learn:

  • How network issues affect the user experience
  • The key features and benefits of Obkio’s Network Monitoring software
  • How to identify live network issues with end-to-end monitoring
  • How to troubleshoot network issues using Obkio’s features
  • Live Q&A – ask your questions to our experts.

Bonus: Send in your questions before the webinar! Live technical support and demo will be available throughout the webinar to answer all your questions.

Target Audience:
Anyone responsible for solving network-related problems.

Duration: 45 minutes
30 minute demo and speaker session
15 minute question and answer period

Your Webinar Hosts:

  • Pierre-Luc Charbonneau, Obkio VP of Sales & Marketing
  • Samuel Tanguay, Solutions Architect