Network Monitoring Template - Threshold Presets

Today, we released version 2.11.0 of the App (Web is online, Mobile will be in a few days). With this new release, we introduce the Threshold Presets in the Network Monitoring Templates.

It’s not always trivial to choose the thresholds used to raise network issues. Depending on the locations, their importance for the business and the technology in place (fiber, cable, dsl, satellite), not all thresholds should be configured the same. This is why we have Threshold Presets that are ready to use as default values.

Before the Threshold Presets, default values were used for all the thresholds. These values are now considered Custom Settings. For current monitoring templates, it is possible to edit the template and apply one of three presets to use them right away. A screen capture shows you how to do so in the documentation below.

The documentation is available at: Network Monitoring Thresholds | Obkio Docs